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One on One Coaching: 12 weeks

One on One Coaching: 12 weeks

One on One Coaching: 12 weeks




*$1200USD is the typical monthly charge but today you save $600 when you pay in full.

Real life testimonial from Autopilot Entrepreneur CEO, James Friel:

"If you run any kind of business today, then you know the insane importance of creating compelling marketing that captures attention. You just simply can’t grow your business without it. There’s just way too much competition for people’s attention today… And, it’s one thing to know this fact, but it’s a totally different ball of wax to know HOW to make it happen.

Before I decided to work with Misty, I was stuck in my own way and unsure how to write emails that would build a relationship with my audience AND drive the growth of my business. I was frustrated by the blinking cursor that taunted me every time I sat down to write. It was a painful reminder that while I could cobble together some words, I didn’t really know what I was doing.

I was at a loss… and, I knew that if I wanted my email marketing to work, I would need the guidance of a true expert. Not someone who would shower me with nice sounding unproven theories, but someone who had hard-won battle scars from real-world experience.

Enter Misty.

Real world experience? Check.

Proven results? Check.

Willing AND able to guide me? Check.

Working with Misty for 4 months changed the way I will write forever. I can now sit down and bang out an email with world-class copy in minutes. And, is it arrogant to say that I can now write world-class email copy? I suppose it would be if it didn't produce results… But, in this case, it’s confidence. Confidence that every time I hit send, I will get a flurry of responses from subscribers who want to work with me and replies from others on my list who just want to tell me how much they love getting my emails.

Those are major wins and certainly not anything I was experiencing before working with Misty.  Here’s the deal. If you want email marketing to work for your business too, then as far as I can tell, there are only two reasons to NOT work with Misty.

1. You enjoy learning the hard way. If that’s you, have at it. Just don’t forget to wear your helmet while you’re banging your head against the wall. Trust me, that shit hurts.

2. You hate money.

If you don’t fall into either one of those categories, then get out your damn credit card and pay Misty to do what she does best. You’ll thank me later.

James P. Friel"

^^ Do I need to say more?

OK OK, I guess I should.

Your one on one coaching with me will cow-hook you out of disillusionment and confusion and provide you with step by step, methodological breakdown to all the components that go into writing copy that converts into sales.

I know email marketing can seem like learning a whole new language backward, but once you have mastered it, you will not only leave your competition in your dust...

...but you can (and will) enter the world of 6/7/8 figure business building.

Your 12-week course includes:

- a one-hour coaching session every week where we will reveal the fundamental techniques used in the worlds most persuasive copy

- a recorded copy of your session for future use and clarification. We cover A LOT each week, so hitting the rewind button is key

- One on one editing of sales copy for sale letters, sales pages, websites, emails and so much more.

- Idea-meshing on new products, your next product launch and our customers buying journey through your company.

- A few tongue-lashings here and there to ensure you stay on task, avoid shiny object syndrome and to keep your far, far away from overwhelm and self-doubt.

- A complete overhaul of your business systems so you leave with an evergreen business that can make you money hand over fist while you schmooze in Rio. Or Detroit. Whatever floats your boat.

Your coaching experience is 100% personalized and we will start at the start and progressively walk you up the profit ladder.