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Landing Page Creation Challenge

Landing Page Creation Challenge

Landing Page Creation Challenge



The Copy Massacre Challenges are short, sweet and help solo-preneurs and full time business owners master monumental marketing projects in 5 days or less.

This September we will be tackling your next landing page and creating a bridge that will drive global (or local) customers directly into your email list so you can sell yourself rich.

Within 5 days you will not only have a highly converting landing page up and running and multiple leads landing in your inbox by the hour....but you'll have developed the skills needed to spew out masterfully persuasive landing pages in mere minutes. 

A critical skill or any internet marketer, I'm sure you'll agree!

The daily tasks have been broken down into manageable steps and your daily lessons will guide you (and your copy) as you create headlines, sub-headlines, bullets and call to actions without ripping out the last of those wiry, grey hairs. 

We start on Monday the 25th of Sept 2017 and you'll need 1 hour a day to play.