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Copy Massacres: 5 day product creation challenge

Copy Massacres: 5 day product creation challenge

Copy Massacres: 5 day product creation challenge




Get your 1st product or your 31st product finished within 5 days flat (yep, even if you think you have nothing to sell)

Honestly, getting a sellable product out to your customers is totally overwhelming. The tech, the content, the copy....ARGGGGHH!

It starts with a title, then comes the graphic design part and then, of course, you need actual content and a place to sell it...


Seems like SO MUCH BLOODY WORK doesn't it?

It can be, if you have no idea what you are doing or know which resources to use BUT that is where the 5-day product creation challenge comes in.

I can get products put together in 24 hours. That includes the graphic design, the content creation, AND the buy link ready for your emails but that's me...

...I am going to give you a little more time. 5 days to be exact. 5 whole days to get that e-book ready for market and into the sweaty little hands of your buyers and the best part:

YOU DON'T NEED TO SPEND A YEAR CREATING CONTENT - we will whip that up in 24 hours too.

During this 5 day challenge you will create:

 - a valuable e-book that can be used as launch product to your audience on any digital platform or belly to belly medium.

- a lead magnet that can be used for building a big juicy list as well as a single sale product on its own merit

- a sellable product that can be sold immediately to your list for cold, hard cash.

- your very first plug and play store that you can easily add every single book, service, and product you will ever create in a moments notice.

- a value-added downloadable that can become a cash-cow upsell to any current item you have out for market.

- the winner of the challenge, the person who comes up with the sexiest and most interesting product will win a 2-hour whiteboard session with yours truly. An instant value of $400USD but a lifetime value of millions ;)

Come on, you know you need to get this done. You need to look like the expert you are and we all know, getting your content out there is your #1 vehicle to do so.

You can make the cost of this challenge back within 24 throw so money this way and get this done, once and for all.

Once you sign up, your instructions will be emailed to you. This challenge will be run via my Facebook Page MistyRHN.

We start Monday, August 29th and finish on Sept 1st so you can kick off the last quarter in style and guess what folks...