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30 Days of Christmas

30 Days of Christmas

30 Days of Christmas



Now, I’ve been thinking about you a lot recently and I realize that with the massive outpouring of money that this time of year typically brings....

...we need to find you a way to make a shit load of incoming money too.

I have a couple of ways I am going to help you but first off I am going to remind you that daily emails are the key.

In fact, I’m so adamant that daily emails are your way forward that I am willing to work with you one on one for 2 hours to help you create your 30 Days Of Christmas funnel.

This 2 hour strategy session will take your current offering and explode out a multi-level ascension model and with it comes a 30 day email masterplan.

I want Dec 1 thru 31 to be the most profitable you’ve ever seen and so I am offering up a 2 hour workshop so I can show you the steps.

You’ll leave this 2 person mastermind with not only the daily email structure for 30 days of logical, persuasive and seasonally sales oriented emails but an ascension plan for your service of product that will help your create limitless income.

To book this session however you have to email back with a couple of things so I know a bit of background before we start:

Your niche and what you sell to it.
Your main product OR your favourite product if it’s not the same thing.
Your list size, email provider and landing page software if not an all in one.
Your current state of business affairs on a scale of “oh god no, not another bill” to “yeah, let’s print me some more moneh”

If we book within the next two weeks, you’ll be ready to start Dec 1.