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Emails: Every. Dam. Day.

Posted by Teresa Mozejko on

Randy used to send me the most awesome hate mail. I guess my foul, blasphemous mouth was just too much for him to handle.

He would tell me that the reason I still lived in my “cracker jack condo” and not 10 acres of manicured gardens like him was because I “took the lords name in vain”.

Well, guess what Randy.

I now live on 50 acres of tranquility and serenity - so put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Anyway, my point is that email marketing has created a pretty cushy living. I certainly don’t have money to throw away each month and yes, I don’t see a SuperYacht in my future anytime soon…

…but life is good.

I wasn’t an overnight success. I wasn’t a launch-millionaire. I wasn’t “lucky” or “knew the right people”.

In fact, I would say I became a pure email- marketer at the worst possible time. $60k in debt and rising, no house, a fledgling business and the daunting task of single-motherhood in front of me.

But the one thing I had going for me was my tenacious resourcefulness. I have been blessed with the ability to rub two dimes together and make a dollar.

^^ Thank fuck for that.

And so, in under 4 years, I rebuilt my life and took my miserable business to a quarter million annual revenue.

My primary source of marketing: yup. emails.

Anyway…it’s Saturday and I have a lot on my literary plate today, so I just wanted to send to you a reminder that no matter where you are in your business…..whether it’s making money hand over fist, or sinking faster than the Titanic…

Email marketing can, and will, turn everything around.

You must work hard, you must work consistently and you must allow me to give you 12 weeks of my time, knowledge and relentless teaching…but by the time we are done you will find yourself at a whole new level of income which will only build from there.

Look folks, take it from someone who has been where you, lives and breathes email marketing and well…says what she does and does what she days…


Let’s chat about your options, shall we? Go here and throw me an email address: